'Price Is What You Pay & Flying Experience Is What You Get'

Our course is designed for working professionals or companies looking to integrate drone operations into their business processes as well as participants with zero backgrounds. Working upwards from the flying fundamentals, we train pilots with a comprehensive syllabus in par with those used by professional pilots.

Participants will get hands-on experience on controlling a UAV in a safe environment, all while being guided by our Air Transport Pilot License (ATPL) certified instructors. Participants will also undergo a written and practical examination on the final day to ensure participant’s level of understanding that meeting the standards.

We accept only a max. batch of 15 pax for BDO:001 and 8 pax for BDO:002 in class size, maintaining a favorable trainer-to-student ratio, and a full class allows us to provide flexibility of scheduling for our trainees at their convenience. Please join our drone piloting course fully aligned with local authorities regulations.

Course 1BDO:001 Introduction to Basic Drone Flying (1 Day)

Introduction to Drones, Basic Flying (Simulator), Basic Flying (Outdoor)

Course 2BDO:002 sUAS Pilot Certification Course (4 Days)

Air Law (sUAS) , Aviation Safety, Aerodynamics and Aircraft Sys.,Flight Performance and Operational Planning, Human (Factors) Performance and Limitations, Radiotelephony, Meteorology, Navigation Map & Charts, Organization and Responsibilities, Operational Planning and Risk Management,Flight Operations and Advanced Flying

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